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Autumn Term


After testing the levels of air resistance with different materials last week, this week we looked at water resistance. We discussed whether we think water creates more resistance on moving object or air and we decided water. We came up with this conclusion by linking to our own knowledge; when we walk through air, we can barely feel the resistance but when we walk through water, we can feel the water pushing against us. We then went on to investigate how different shapes create different amounts of resistance when moving through the water.


Journey to the Afterlife

In Literacy, we have been learning about explanation texts. We have read an explanation text called ‘The Journey to the Afterlife’ which explains what the ancient Egyptians believed they needed to do for their loved ones once they died so that they can reach the afterlife safely. We split up into groups and we created a freeze frame for each paragraph of the text to help us understand the process they went through.

Topic- Pyramids and Pharaohs