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The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse

Year 5 spent their afternoons reading The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse. They really immersed themselves into the book by pulling apart each wonderful and inspirational quote. The illustrations were practised each day so they could become more confident with their final piece of art.

As a year group, they tried incredibly hard to copy Charlie Mackesy’s style of calligraphy, as well as his artistic flare.

We hope you like their own spin on this book where they have written their own positive and inspirational quote, sketched and used water colours to create their picture and finalised their piece of art with a fine liner pen.

Please take a look at the wonderful display they have created and if you would like to watch a video of the book being read, you can find it here: 

Science Leonardo Da Vinci

We learnt about the impact Da Vinci has had over time and how his theories can be proved or refuted. We helped each other measure the different parts of our bodies and our heights. We had to work out whether the proportions described by Da Vinci are accurate for us. For example, Da Vinci believed that your arm width is the same as your height we proved that this was not accurate for most of us as our arms were a little bit shorter.

Science - Crime Scene Investigation

One day after lunch, we walked into our classroom and it had been made a crime scene!! There was a suspicious ransom note left by our suspect written to Humpty Dumpty and we had to investigate and solve the mystery.
Each pair had a strip from Humpty Dumpty’s note, as well as 2 black felt-tip pens, each labelled with the names of our two suspects
The Big Bad Wolf and The Wicked Witch. We followed the instructions and tested the mysterious note to help us compare the ink used to the ink of each suspect’s pen.
Our conclusion was that it was The Big Bad Wolf who was guilty because the pen he used reacted to the water the same way as when we tested it.

Topic - Canopic Jars

For our ‘Wow Starter' in Topic, we learnt all about canopic jars and how the ancient Egyptians used them. When they died, they believed that preserving and mummifying their loved ones would help them pass over to the afterlife safely. The ancient Egyptians used to remove the liver, lungs, intestines and stomach of the dead and they were washed, dried and wrapped in cloth which allowed them to be placed into the canopic jars in one piece.

We created our own canopic jars out of air-dry clay. We used tools to carve and sculpt our jars first of all and then painted them in ancient Egyptian colours, such as bronze, gold and blue.

PSHE - Being Me in My World

Our challenge for this lesson was to make the tallest tower we could from tubes of rolled up paper and sticky tape. We had a timer set for 5 minutes for this task. First of all, we had no guidance about how to organise the task or our group. We then did the same task a second time round and we were each given roles:

  • 2 Materials Manager: they had to make the tubes
  • A Designer: their role was to design and build the tower
  • A Timekeeper/Task Manager


We then compared which task was easier and why. We found that when people had clear roles, our groups were more organised and worked better as a team.