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Can You Walk Like an Egyptian? 


In Topic, we looked at some ancient Egyptian artefacts. We asked lots of interesting questions about these objects and made sure we investigated the answers!

We studied the following artefacts:
Tutankhamun’s Death Mask, a sarcophagus, a scarab beetle, a piece of Egyptian clothing, the Sphinx, some papyrus paper and Egyptian wall paintings.

Jigsaw Being Me in My World

For this lesson, we worked in our table teams and we chose an item from a bag without looking. In the bag, there was a selection of random items, such as, spoon, pebble, coins, frisbee, bell, egg timer and cups.

Our ‘mission’ was to make up a new game using the item we selected.

Some teams created rules for the game and it was clear how to win. Other games were a little confusing because the team did not come up with clear rules for the game. We thought about and discussed the following questions:

Why do we need rules in society?

How do rules keep us safe?

Why might people break rules?

What can we do if we think a rule is not fair?

How can rules in a school help us to learn and grow?

We understand that rules, rights, and responsibilities are necessary for groups of people to live harmoniously together and achieve their goals.


In Literacy, we have been learning about explanation texts. We have read an explanation text called ‘The Journey to the Afterlife’ which explains what the ancient Egyptians believed they needed to do for their loved ones once they died so that they can reach the afterlife safely. We split up into groups and we created a freeze frame for each paragraph of the text to help us understand the process they went through.