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At Chase Lane we acknowledge, accept and celebrate the uniqueness of everyone in our diverse community. Our democratic school council actively promotes this, as it gives all pupils the opportunity to have a voice and share their ideas. This ensures everyone has equal opportunities and our school is as inclusive as it can be.

                                                                           - Chase Lane School Council Mission Statement

Chase Lane School Council Presentation

Chase Lane School Council

Trip to the Houses of Parliament

On Wednesday, 15th March, both the current school council and newly appointed members visited the Houses of Parliament. We had a tour which included walking up the King’s steps, visiting the robing room, the Lord’s Chambers, House of Lords and Westminster Hall. We were not able to go inside the House of Commons as Rishi Sunak was there delivering the new budget. At one point we were just 100 metres away from him and lots of Members of Parliament! We did manage to get ourselves onto the BBC news though as we walked through the Member’s Lobby. After this we took part in a debate – Should we have a three day weekend?

Everyone agreed that the day was very enjoyable and inspirational.

Wellbeing Week

Wellbeing Week

We organised a Mental Wellbeing week for the entire school, involving various calming, fun and creative activities ending with a cinema afternoon for all at the end of the week! We started off the week by holding an assembly on the importance of Mental health and wellbeing.

Cake Sale for the National Deaf Children's Society

The idea:

In year 5 when I was elected to the School Council, I really wanted to do something good for the deaf community, so me

and my mum wrote a list of ideas and I took them to Mrs Kneeshaw. She thought it was a great idea, we chose to do a

bake sale. There was a lot of preparation to be done!

Getting all of the decorations:

First, I went home to my mum and we ordered all of the NDCS bake sale stuff from the website, this included: brochures, balloons, leaflets and stickers. Then I designed a poster which we displayed around the school advertising the bake sale. I met with Mrs Perry to discuss what I wanted the cakes to look like. After that I went home and wrote a speech and put together a PowerPoint with my mum to present to my class on the day.

Day of the bake sale:

When I got to school on the day of the bake sale I spoke to Mrs Kneeshaw to go over the day-plan to ensure everything

would run smoothly. Then I did the presentation to my class and handed out the leaflets. Next, me and my fellow councillors handed out cake trays to the different classes, everyone put a pound in the pot and took a slice of cake from the tray. We raised a lot of money for a cause close to my heart!

                                                                                                                                                                                            - Audrey

Rules for Playground Equipment

We created a presentation for rules on how to use the playground equipment which we shared with all the children in an assembly.

Click below to see our presentation: