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Welcome to Redwood

Since returning to school, Redwood have been working extremely hard. We wanted to share with you some of the work we have completed recently.



Our first unit in science has been “Where does all our food go?” We have spent time investigating how our digestive system works and was able to replicate this. The end result was rather messy, but we had a great time and could explain what each of the household items used represented. We have also held a “science day” where we looked in detail at how important our teeth are as part of the digestive system and also why it is vital, we look after them. We experimented using a number of different foods and equipment to identify and understand why we have different teeth and what their roles are before recreating it in our own mouths at playtime with the same foods. After creating our dental records, we were able to replicate these using marshmallows to create a model mouth. We finished the day off by creating posters to encourage others to look after their teeth.




PSHE- Jigsaw

During this term, we have thought about why teamwork is important and how it makes us feel when we're included and part of a team. In small groups, we created nine key words that represented the importance of team work to us. As a class, we then discussed all of the key words and were able to organise them into a 'Diamond Nine' to rank them in order of importance. 


We have also created posters encouraging people to work as a team and as groups had to work together to ensure we were all able to play a role in creating the poster.



We started our new topic by being detectives. We looked at a selection of Ancient Greek artefacts and predicted what we thought they were and what job they had during the Ancient Greek era.  We were set the challenge of researching one area of Ancient Greek life we would like to find more about and spent time using iPads and books to research our questions and present our findings on a poster.  


We have also began learning about life in Ancient Greece, thinking about the types of food they ate, jobs the men and women had.




We started our year learning, “The Legend of the Trojan Horse” and after learning actions and performing to the rest of the class we were able to story map the text to help us learn it. We were then able to innovate the story to create our own legend stories relating to the Ancient Greeks.

Our unit before half term was “How to Look After a Pet Dragon”. We enjoyed spending time outside learning actions and performing the text. We looked in detail at the features found in an instruction text and then wrote our own instructions on 'How to Look After a Pet Minotaur'.



In maths, we have been learning about place value as well as how to add and subtract using multiple methods including creating our own numbers using bean bags and tubs as well as rolling large dice to try and make larger numbers than our team.

Times tables are a big focus for us this year and we have spent time learning these through games in and out of the classroom, singing and dancing as well as on TT Rockstars.