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Welcome to Redwood!

Redwood have been working extremely hard! We have learnt so much so far and wanted to share this with you!







As we are a Talk for Reading school, we always start our new text by learning it with actions.  Here we are learning our current class text, The Iron Man.




Recently in Year 4, we celebrated the end of our Ancient Greek topic by dressing up and meeting a Greek warrior who told us stories about Ancient Greek times. We worked together to complete quizzes, puzzles and games and had our very own mini Olympics where Sparta and Athens (Year 4 classes) competed against each other!

World Book Day 2023!

To celebrate World Book Day this year, Our Year 4 classes converted to Starbooks!


We were given a selection of different books from each genre to read through at our leisure whilst enjoying hot chocolate and cake!  We were given money to spend on our drinks and cakes which helped us to learn about money and how to budget.


We rotated round all of the different genre tables and filled in our 'Menu'.  This was our book review where we wrote about our favourite books and why.


In the afternoon, we were given part of a story and had to predict what happened next in the story.  We worked together in groups to act out the ending of the story and performed this to the rest of Year 4.

Here we are performing the ending of the story to our audience!