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Welcome to Redwood!

Redwood class have been working extremely hard! We have learnt so much so far and wanted to share this with you!



This term, we have written about different genres of writing including a journey story, an explanation text and a defeating a monster story.


As we are a Talk for Reading school, we always start our new text by learning it with actions.  Here we are learning our class text, Little Red Riding Hood.



We had great fun learning our explanation text, The Teacher Pleaser machine!  We learnt about the different features of an explanation text and used our knowledge to design and explain how our own machine creations work.  We then used Spark Video to make a presentation about our machine.  Here are some of our videos!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

We are currently learning about the story of Beowulf and Grendel.  Here is the story map that we made together as a class to help us learn the story. 


Recently in Maths, we have been learning our times tables as well as looking at fact families in our multiplication and division unit.

Here is some of our addition and subtraction learning


This term, we have been learning about Sound.


We conducted an experiment to understand how the volume of sound is measured in decibels.  In order to do this, we investigated louder and quieter sounds by dropping a weight from different heights onto a drum to see how this affects the volume of the sound produced.

We also explored the idea of pitch and how high pitch and low pitch sounds are created. We created musical instruments with elastic bands, made a paper xylophone with varying thicknesses of paper tubes or made different sized shakers. Once we had made our instruments, we played our instruments to experience high and low pitched sounds.


We have been learning all about Anglo-Saxons this term. Here is some of our work about Anglo-Saxon life.

Design and Technology

Recently, we learnt all about The Vikings and their invasions.  We learnt all about Viking Longboats and made our own versions.