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Silver Birch

Tuesday 12 November 2019


Today our class had a special visitor from Adrian Hall a Polar Explorer! He came in to tell us what it was like exploring the polar regions. He taught us all about the animals you can see, the things you can do and the thing you need to pack along the way. he taught us key skills for surviving in such a cold climate and he even told us how to ward off a polar bear attack. The children had a great time listening and learning and they think they are now ready to go to the Arctic on a school trip...the teachers less so. 

Friday 11th October 2019


Today in class we went column addition crazy! We had to use our tens and ones as well as the column way to add numbers. But this was not as easy as it sounded because we had to RENAME! Renaming with adding is where when adding ones we have too many and so we have to rename them for a ten! This is tricky enough just using tens and ones let alone trying to do it with the column method. Here are some photos of us being amazing mathematicians.

Thursday 10th October


Today our class watched weather reports; we took notes on their performances looking for key vocabulary. We then decided to play our own weather reports - we looked at the weather on that day for the 4 capital cities of the UK. As a group we wrote our scripts and then rehearsed our own weather reports. We had to make sure that we were comprehensive with our reports using technical words like ‘sunny spells’. The following day, with Mrs Singh, we recorded them on the green screen!

Tuesday 10th September 2019


Today we were learning about habitats. This is a word we had not heard before and we discussed what it meant. We then looked at pictures of different habitats and played centrepiece truing to list as many animals as we could see. Once we did this we decided that we would go in search of animals living in their habitats so we went to the woodlands. We found many different types of minibeasts, we took photos and even collected some. We then took the minibeasts back to class to observe and draw them accurately see photos and work from our great afternoon of investigating.

Monday 9th September 2019


Today we started our ‘We should have checked the weather!’ topic. The children first compared an old weather forecast with a new one. We then discussed the various symbols that were used in each and then went to our tables to match the statements. After that we looked at different weather forecasts across the world and talked about the weather that was occurring. We were amazed to see that it was sunny in London but very wet in Edinburgh – the teachers were less surprised! See some photos of us using our teamwork to match the statements!