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Silver Birch

Week 3

Today we learnt about habitats. We watched videos exploring insects/plants in their habitats and how their habitats help them to survive. Once we did this, we decided that we would go in search of insects and plants living in their habitats, so we went to the woodlands. We found many different types of insects; we took photos and even collected some. We then took the insects back to class to observe and draw them accurately, see photos and work from our great afternoon of investigating.

Week 2 


This week in mathematics we have continued to look at tens and ones. We used place value dice to create two digit numbers and wrote on the tables to put them into a part part whole - take a look! We also spent time this week making sure we can write, read and make the numbers! We also had a tricky week of using the terms 'more than' and 'less than'. Our teacher showed us these strange symbols (> and <), they explained that sometimes mathematcians are lazy and that they can write 'more than' and 'less than' using them. We gave this a go, and decided it was so much easier!

Week 1!


This week in mathematics we have been exploring place value, looking at numbers and talking about their tens and ones. We have made them using the base 10 equipment and we  used number cards and part part wholes to show the numbers! A few tricky words came up this week including 'digits' and we had to answer every questions explaining our thinking. We have become really good at saying how many tens and ones are in certain numbers, just ask us!