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Welcome to Ash Class! 

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PSHE- Jigsaw

We started our half term by thinking about what it means to be part of a team. We thought about why teamwork is important and how it makes us feel when we're included. In our pairs, we  then thought of  nine key words to summarise our discussions. Afterwords we organised them into a 'Diamond Nine' to rank them in order of importance. 


We have also thought carefully about rewards and consequences and how people in our school help us.


We started our new topic by being detectives. We looked at a selection of Ancient Greek pots and worked in teams to spot clues that helped us work out information about life in Ancient Greece. 


We have also learnt about life in Ancient Greece, thinking about the types of food they ate, jobs the men and women had and we've looked at Ancient Greek homes. We're about to start writing instructions about how to build a Greek house! Come back soon to see our work!


Our favourite part so far was learning about the Battle of Marathon!


We have written our own Legend stories related to the Ancient Greeks. We started learning 'The Legend of the Trojan Horse' and then innovated it to 'The Legend of the Greek Olympics'. We have created story maps, performed the story with actions and used puppet characters to help us become familiar with the story. 


Also in Literacy, we have learnt about instructions. We really enjoyed writing instructions on 'How to Look After a Pet Minotaur'. 


In Maths, we have learnt about numbers up to 10,000. We ordered them, compared them and practised making these numbers using our place value counters and base 10.


After this, we moved on to learning about column addition and subtraction.