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PSHE- Jigsaw

We started our year by thinking about what it means to be part of a team. We thought about why teamwork is important and how it makes us feel when we're included. In our pairs, we  then thought of  nine key words to summarise our discussions.


We have been recently thinking about our dreams and goals and the emotions we feel when we think about acheiving them. We discussed how even if we are met with challenges and obstacles we must persevere and stay motivated. We enjoyed learning a new song linked to this unit - "For Me - Dreams & Goals".




We started our year by being detectives. We looked at a selection of Ancient Greek pots and worked in teams to spot clues that helped us work out information about life in Ancient Greece. 


We have also learnt about life in Ancient Greece, thinking about the types of food they ate, jobs the men and women had and we've looked at Ancient Greek homes. We're about to start writing instructions about how to build a Greek house! Come back soon to see our work!


Our favourite part was when we held our Greek Day, dressing up as Ancient Greek people and spending the day with an Ancient Greek Warrier!




We started our year learning, “The Legend of the Trojan Horse” and after learning actions and performing to the rest of the class we were able to story map the text to help us learn it. We were then able to innovate the story to create our own legend stories relating to the Ancient Greeks.


Our unit before October half term was “How to Look After a Pet Dragon”. We enjoyed spending time outside learning actions and performing the text. We looked in detail at the features found in an instruction text and then wrote our own instructions on 'How to Look After a Pet Minotaur'


Before we broke up for Christmas, we learnt a new text "Little Red Riding Hood". We had great fun learning and performing the actions to the story in the woods before we got extremely wet in the rain and had to make a dash back to the classroom!


Thursday 15th December was a very strange morning for Ash Class. We arrived at school to find our chairs had quit! They wrote us a very detailed letter explaining all of the reasons why we had upset them and demanded an apology before they considered returning. Fortunately, our letters of apology to the chairs were successful and by lunchtime, they had taken pity on us and returned to the tables. During this unit, we have spent time looking at persuasive features and how companies use them to persuade us to buy their products. After watching a number of adverts and identifiying the features within them, we were given the task of persuading others to choose our chocolate bar. We worked incredibly hard as teams and tried to include as many features as possible in our scripts. 


We are currently looking at repeated pattern poetry and are all very excited to produce and perform our final poems.



The return of World Book Day meant only one thing for Ash Class! We transformed into Starbooks for the day, a book café with yummy treats, unlimited books and calming music. Starbooks allowed us to immerse the children in a huge range of genres and books that they may not ordinarily choose. Spending time looking at different genres gave them the opportunity to “taste” books and see whether they would like to read on or choose a different book from the selection on offer. It was wonderful to see the children so engaged and the food on offer definitely helped keep the children comfortable throughout the day however there was a catch; they had to work for it as it was also a ploy for them to learn and recap money. The children were all given £2 and other than fruit and water, everything else cost so using their menu’s they were able to spend their money using their knowledge of both addition and subtraction to tell us the total of their order as well as whether they were due change. It was an absolutely fantastic day and the feedback from the children was brilliant.


In Maths, we started the year learning about place value as well as how to add and subtract using multiple methods including creating our own numbers using bean bags and tubs as well as rolling large dice to try and make larger numbers than our team.


We have recently been learning about multiplication and division and have worked incredibly hard learning new methods to use when solving questions.


As you know, we have been working extremely hard learning our times tables. We have been keen to impress and recently invited Mrs Ana and Mr Baxter to showcase our hard work. He was really impressed and even brought a visitor on another occasion to show them how well we are doing. Here are a few of our rhymes that we have learnt.



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