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We have recently finished a fantastic unit, looking at persuasive writing. Our class received a letter from Mrs O'Mara explaining that she may reduce play and lunch time. We had to work extremely hard to persuade her why this was a TERRIBLE idea and fortunately our persuasive writing worked. One of our lessons was to use all of the persuasive techniques we had learnt to persuade our friends to buy our chocolate bar. We has so much fun and some groups were even able to create their own background music so that they were similar to tv adverts. 






Linking to our maths unit money, we also received a visit from Metrobank in Colchester who discussed how banks work and the roles of staff within a branch. They explained how bank accounts work and how you earn interest as well as the benefits of saving and budgeting. We were given different scenarios and had to decide if they were a want or a need and give our reasons for and against. Lauren and Maisy were fantastic answering our questions and we had lots but they would not reveal how much money was stored in the vault however we had good fun guessing. 



In the Autumn Term, we learnt about the Anglo Saxons and Vikings. We spent time researching their lives investigating where they lived, jobs they had, their hobbies and also what they ate and drank.


A favourite lesson of ours, was creating our own Anglo Saxon settlements as we learnt that they did not like the houses that the Romans had built so built their own villages instead. We spent time researching and discussing the key features that the Anglo Saxons would have had in their villages and the benefits of having water and trees close by. 


Here are two settlements that were created at home by Noah and Teddie. 





Our recent unit in Science has been Electricity. We discussed how electricity is produced and the dangers of electricity and how we can keep safe. We then investigated the different components of a circuit before creating our own circuits. We were able to link our learning of circuits to create an Iron Man head whose eyes lit up.


We were very fortunate to also receive a visit from Galloper Wind Farm who showed us with models how wind turbines worked and discussed the positives of renewable energy. Some of us were lucky enough to try on the safety equipment anyone visiting a wind turbine must wear as well as using a VR set to experience being on a wind turbine. It was great fun and we really enjoyed learning more about wind farms and how they generate electricity.




To celebrate International Languages Day, we spent the afternoon researching different languages around the world. From this, we learnt how to say hello in lots of different languages so that we can use different phrases during the register.

World book Day


To celebrate World Book Day, as well as bringing our own favourite books to share with our class and Acer Class, we also had the opportunity to attend a virtual visit with author and illustrator Sarah Bowie of Nina Peanut is Amazing. We enjoyed listening to some extracts from the book and loved the opportunity of drawing along to create some of the stories characters.



We have been recently looking at the work of Hokusai and the "36 views of Mount Fuji". The image we focused on was "The Great Wave". We spent time exploring what mono-printing was before having a go ourselves. In the afternoon, we then had to recreate "The Great Wave" using materials of our choice.