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As part of our homework over the half term holiday we completed a project about Plants linked with our learning in Science lessons. We presented the work in different ways and had great fun making them as well as showing off our work to the rest of the class.



In our Science lessons we have been learning about the different roles of the plants. Today we began an experiment about the role of the stem. We cut up short pieces of celery and put them into a blue food dye to see what happens!



In Art lessons we have continued to look at different mediums to use to create sunsets. Today we learnt to blend with chalks. We used our fingers to smudge the colours together choosing colours that blended well with each other as well as learning a technique called cross hatching.



Continuing on from our Art topic based on sunsets, we learnt how to use a 2nd medium – water colours. We were shown how to blend the colours into each other and which colours worked well next to each other. Here we are practising our skills using the water colours.



In Art lessons we have been looking at sunsets that have been created using different mediums. Today we learnt how to use oil pastels. Here we are having a go at creating our own sunset pictures paying particular attention to which colours blend well with each other.


We have been learning the traditional tale ‘Rumpelstiltskin’ in our Literacy lessons. To help us remember the story we created puppets and backgrounds to help us retell the story. We them performed our puppet show to other children in the class.



Today at school we had the opportunity to share our DT story books that we had made with the Year 1 children in Mr Baxter’s class. The books included pop up’s, flaps and pulleys. The children really enjoyed sharing their books and the Year 1 children also enjoyed listening to the stories they had written.