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Bonsai 17/18

Swim Safe

21 of Year 6 enjoyed swimming in the sea. We took part in an initiative to encourage safe swimming in the sea.It was a windy day but the children loved the experience.

Harwich Trip

Year 6 visited Harwich, as part of the trip we learnt about The Redoubt, Treadwheel Crane, Low Lighthouse and did some sketching from the Pier. We then walked back via the Electric Palace to the Leading Lighthouses.

Year 6 Golf Day

We had a great time learning how to putt and drive at Harwich Golf Club

We all had a wonderful time at Aladdin in the West End. Here is a photo before the show!

In Science this week we made periscopes using cereal boxes and mirrors. They helped us see around corners and up high. This also helped us understand reflection and incidence lines.

British Science Week

In science this week we investigated how light is reflected. We drew incidence and reflection lines using a torch and a mirror

Safer Internet Day

For safer internet day we discussed how to deal with different situations online. We also rated how different actions made us feel using a thermometer.
For Literacy homework the children were set the task of researching a British Icon and creating a biography about them. Here are some of their excellent projects. Well done everyone.

Ration Cookies


In our topic, we have been learning about WWII and rationing. To test what it would be like in war time, we decided to bake carrot cookies to see what it would have been like to bake with limited ingredients. For this, we only used a carrot, some sugar, some flour, butter, water and a splash of vanilla extract.

We all worked as a team and had a really fun morning.

We have learnt a lot from today. Our top tips:

  • Always wash your hands before baking.
  • Be careful when using the graters or peelers.
  • Do not put too much carrot in.
  • Do not use your hands as spoons.
  • Always have an adult to help you with the cooking part.