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Over the last few weeks our lovely Year 1's have been learning about instructions. We have discussed what things you would need for instructions and how important it is not to miss out key steps. The children shared what instructions they have followed including baking and Lego sets. In class we then spoke about 'How to make a jam sandwich' the children came up with a list of things that we needed and the steps to make the best possible jam sandwich. The children then thought about their favourite sandwiches and created their own instructions to show someone else how to make it. They did an amazing job and so we thought it would be nice for them to follow their own instructions and enjoy a lovely sandwich. Look below for the outcome!

Kings, Queens and Castles!

In Year 1 we have been learning about royalty! We have learnt about different kings and queens their outfits, family and their choices! We also learnt about castles and the kings and queens that lived there. The children loved learning about the castles and so we thought they would like to make their own! Behold, the magnificent castles your children crafted during our castle-building extravaganza! We're immensely proud of their hard work and enthusiasm for learning this term.

Adding and Subtracting!

In class we have been learning about addition and subtraction the children have been fantastic. They have been using their counters  and tens frames to add and subtract. The children have been absolutely brilliant in grasping the concepts of addition and subtraction. Their progress is truly commendable, and we're immensely proud of their hard work! Take a look for yourselves!