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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Chase Lane we acknowledge, accept and celebrate the uniqueness of everyone in our diverse community.

Our democratic school council actively promotes this, as it gives all pupils the opportunity to have a voice and share their ideas.

This ensures everyone has equal opportunities and our school is as inclusive as it can be.

                                                                   - Chase Lane School Council Mission Statement


The eight schools that form the Harwich Education Partnership (Chase Lane, Two Village, Spring Meadow, Mayflower, All Saints, St Joseph’s, Harwich Primary, and Harwich and Dovercourt High School) have committed to working together to promote diversity, equality and inclusion in all of our schools.

The poster above was created using the contributions of children from all of our HEP schools at our joint HEP School Council (Pupil Parliament) meetings, during which we considered what Diversity meant to our children.