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Languages at Chase Lane

French is taught across the school. You can read about why by clicking on the link a little further down this page.

We are accredited with a Silver Linguamarque, are proud  members of the Primary Languages Network and ALL (Association for Language Learning).  Our ambition this year is to achieve Gold Linguamarque accreditation and to gain the British Council's International Schools Award.

Allez! Take the Magical Snowflake Challenge


The latest language challenge is now up and running.  Open the Powerpoint below below  to listen to the poem at home  ( click on the speaker on the slide) -  then  pick up a sheet from the box outside the Language Office and follow the activity instructions or print it yourself from the link below.

Bienvenue dans La Classe Virtuelle de Madame Sage

Frohe Weihnachten

Year 6 learned to sing 'Stille Nacht' in German and in Makaton for their Christmas concert and continued their lesson in German, using their language detective skills to learn some nouns for Christmas gifts.  They then used them in a letter to 'Der Weihnachtsmann'.

Along the way they recognised that all nouns in German are written with a capital letter and that German has 3 genders not just 2 as in French.


Our Exciting World of Language Learning

Year 4 made a virtual visit to a school on the French speaking Caribbean island of Martinique today.  They learned where Martinique is in the world and a little about how it came to  be and indeed remains, not only French speaking, but an actual part of France. It is in fact the furthestmost outreach of the European Union! The children listenend really hard to recognise familiar words and phrases and used their language detective skills to understand unfamiliar language.

If you would like to visit too, copy and paste this link into a new tab:








Celebrated every year since 2001 on September 26th, the European Day of Languages has become an established part of our school calendar.  We use this day to encourage and empower our children to discover more about languages and to explore the premise that linguistic diversity is a tool for achieving greater intercultural understanding and a key element in developing an appreciation of  rich cultural heritage.

This year the whole school spent the afternoon enjoying a variety of language and cultural activities  delivered by their class teachers:

The nursery learned about traditional Italian pizza making and loved playing with the fabulous ‘pizza oven’; Y1 learned to count in French and played number games ; Year 2 learned and played clapping games in Spanish; Year 3 sang in German; Year 4 explored aspects  diversity learning  a song about difference and exploring how to say and write hello and what their names are in a language of their choice; in Year 5 Sycamore class explored Italy drawing maps and flags, finding out and noting  interesting facts and even joining in with the national anthem, whilst Maple class experienced language emersion with Ms Ana speaking only in Spanish for part of the afternoon. Finally, Year 6 used ‘On ecrit sur les Murs’ by Kids United as a vehicle to explore Graffiti and linking to their PSHE topic on future aspirations they found words in French to express their hopes and dreams and designed a Graffiti wall.


Our celebration was topped off by Mr Sanders’ singing assembly when the whole school, thanks to the Primary Languages Network, learned and joined in with a song in German celebrating how different and yet how similar we all are.


To sample some of the amazing achievements of our school, see below.

Year 6 link French with Art and PSHE

Year 2 - Clapping Game in Spanish

Still image for this video

Year 3 - Singing in German

Still image for this video

Diversity Themed Singing Assembly

Still image for this video

Have a go - open the link and sing along.



La Coupe du Monde - World Cup - Le rugby - rugby 

Did you know the Coupe du Monde ( world cup) for rugby ( le rugby) has been happening in France?  Watch this video to learn more! - ask you addult to help you copy and paste the link into a new tab to watch.

La Danse des Pingouins

Still image for this video
Year 4, in French this week, revisiting classroom commands and a song they loved in Year 2 - click on the video below to enjoy the song at home.

La danse des Pingouins - France

Artist: Schiffie & Co Licence: BIP Records Animation: Animator: Ruud Zeelenberg

Nos Aspirations Pour L'Avenir

 Before leaving us in Summer 2023, Year 6 enjoyed a workshop in French, listening to and watching Kids United singing 'On Écrit Sur Les Murs' (Writng on walls), exploring the history and culture of Grafitti in France and then using dictionaries and online dictionaries to find and then design in a graffiti style words which represent their aspirations for the future.


 Copy and paste this link into a new tab if you would like to know more about or listen to the song at home:



Chase Lane - a Silver Linguamarque accredited school.


 Chase Lane proudly became a Silver Linguamarque accredited school in April 2019. The award acknowledges good practice and good progress in Language learning in primary schools and is a tribute to all the hard work the children do in their Language lessons.

The school's language project for this academic year is to gain our Gold Linguamarque, placing us in the company of some of the best language teaching primary schools in the country. You can read about Linguamarque and why we are proud of our accreditation at:    


Language links - Build your vocabulary

Some of the best of our past activities....

European Day of Languages 2022



26th September 2022, brought the whole school together, to enjoy music and language learning.  We learned a Swedish song about frogs called 'Små grodorna' to celebrate this day. Watch the Youtube video below to sing along.




Barnsånger på svenska | Små grodorna​ + 20 min

00:05 Små grodorna​ 01:34

Bastille Day 

 La Fête Nationale (French National Holiday), celebrated on 'le quatorze juillet' ( 14 July). Y6 had fun reteling the story - look at our video below.

From our past activities....

Bonne Anniversaire Elmer!


Elmer the Elepahant is 30 years old this year. Inspiration for this year's whole school Book Journey. Following the theme, we dedicated language lessons across the school to the theme of Elmer.   Here is some of the inspiring work the children did in French.


Je suis une pizza, Charlotte Diamond

Year 3 read french pizza menus and pretended to order pizza in French. They then designed a pizza in French and made it and ate it. They also learned a French song about pizzas to help learn the words and phrases. Please visit: This song is from the CD "Qu'il y ait toujours le soleil" and is used with permission.



Newbury Park Primary School


Children at Newbury Park Primary School speak lots of different languages. Their web site introduces you to a language of the month. Listen to children speaking in their native languages.  


Click the link below to visit their website and explore a new language for yourself today! Could you do this yourself in French? Have a go and come and show Mme Sage.