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Science at Chase Lane


We know that Science is all around us and at Chase Lane, we aim to explore and enquire about our world to increase our understanding of key scientific concepts. We believe that scientific investigation is one of the most powerful and exciting ways to learn, developing curiosity and perseverance as well as challenging the prior knowledge of what children already know about the world around them.

Our approach to Science...


At Chase Lane, we teach Science through a skills based approach and we ensure our curriculum is:


Broad- a  range of biology, chemistry and physics topics are taught across every year group. Within these topics, children learn about famous, influential scientists that changed the world we live in.


Relevant and engaging- in every year group, key concepts from the curriculum are taught and provide real life experiences that endeavour to promote a love for Science. Lessons aren't just limited to the classroom; we try to use our outdoor facilities including the woodland area, playground and school fields to maximise their learning. We have a mini bus which will soon be used to take children to places in our local area.


Active- pupils don't just watch demonstrations from their teachers. They are encouraged to think like scientists, make predictions, observe closely and reach their own conclusions about key concepts. 


Challenging- regular questioning from teachers promotes higher level thinking into concepts and children are encouraged to ask questions to challenge their own and their peers thoughts too. We use brain strainers in our lessons to promote discussions between  children about their ideas and understanding. 


Full of practical, hands on tasks and a range of scientific investigations- children take part in experiments with their peers to explore, investigate and develop their curiosity about things in Science that excite them.


Cross-curricular- links are made between other subjects that we teach and Science lessons include a variety of extended writing and data-analysis tasks too.


Vocabulary rich- there are vocabulary lists for all topics across the year groups, that we teach, to ensure relevant, higher level scientific vocabulary is included in all lessons. Teachers encourage pupils to use this vocabulary when talking and writing about our world.


Science Topics...


In line with the National Curriculum, the following Science topics are taught:

  • Year 1- plants, animals including humans, everyday materials and seasonal changes
  • Year 2- living things and their habitats, plants, animals including humans and uses of everyday materials
  • ear 3- plants, animals including humans, rocks, light and forces and magnets
  • Year 4- animals including humans, states of matter, sound and electricity
  • Year 5- animals including humans, living things and their habitats, properties and changes of materials, Earth and space and forces
  • Year 6- living things and their habitats, animals including humans, evolution and inheritance, light and electricity

Science in action at Chase Lane...


Year 4 took part in a Science day. They had fun learning about all the different types of teeth in the human body and their functions. They even had a look inside their own mouths to look at what types of teeth they had!

Coming soon…


To celebrate and promote Science in our school, we will be hosting our very own Science week in March 2022. It will be an action packed, inspiring week for the whole school, with live demonstrations, a range of hands-on experiments, a visit from a scientist with question and answer opportunities, a dress like a scientist day and the chance to learn about famous scientists.


More details will follow shortly!