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       Save the Bees

For Topic, we are doing ‘What Are We Doing To Our Planet?’ . For the first part of this, we learnt about Bees. We learnt that Bees are so important for us as humans so we need to look after them. We made a fact file, campaign poster and designed a bee friendly garden with lots of plants and shrubs. The bees are so important and give us so many important that we don’t realise.


Our year group decided to create a bee garden to help these bees. We went outside and started to create our bee garden to  help save the bees. We prepared are garden de weeding it. Then we  planted lots of  colourful bee friendly flowers. Here we are preparing and planting in our bee friendly garden!smiley

Marvellous Maple Maths

In Maths, we are doing geometry! We are looking at angles and measuring them with a protracter to find out how big they are. We worked in tables drawing each other angles, measured them, and compared our answers. Here we are doing that.smiley

Learning The Recovery Position

In PSHE (Jigsaw Lessons), we covered emergency situations and how to act during them. We learnt what the recovery position is, the importance of it, and how to put people in it quickly and safely. We practised putting each other into the recovery position.smiley

 Maple Mixes

In Music, we are composing songs on computers using software and looking at the structure of other people’s songs.  We listened to songs, identifying the choruses and verses and added them into our own songs! Here are some of ours!smiley

Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4

The Day The Crayons Quit!

In Literacy, we are  exploring diary entries! We are writing diary entries for inanimate objects and writing about a day in the life of your object. We read the book ‘The Day The Crayons Quit’ to get an idea of the life of inanimate objects. These are the objects we used:

  • A Boot
  • A Rubber
  • A 10 p
  • A dodge ball
  • A Stapler
  • A Tissue Box
  • A Cup
  • A Paper Clip
  • Headphones

We created diary entries for these objects and  we had to think about their feelings and thoughts. E.G/ The boot is sad because it’s in the rain. It was so interesting and fun to do!smiley

Fun French

In French we investigated some rainforest animals. Cards were placed around the room and we had to read the cards and write down what we had discovered. We all enjoyed finding new interesting facts about rainforest animals. smiley

PE with Year 1!

In PE, we joined with the Year 1's! We created an obstacle course and partnered up the year 5's with the year 1's and did the obstacle course. It was so much fun and we enjoyed it a lot.smiley

Writing Prayers In RE!

In RE, we created our own prayers! The prayers were for people or things that are special in our lives. The children were successful and created their own wonderful prayers. Here are some of our lovely prayers that the children created. smiley

Solar System Science!

 In science, we made a human Solar System (using the children as planets). We used a yellow football to represent the sun, and 8 children holding pieces of paper saying planet names. We were exploring how the planets took to orbit the sun. The Earth takes 365 days, which a year. However long it takes for each planet to orbit the sun creates a year for that planet. JJJ

RE- What is worth?

Each child completed a Worship Spinner, showing who or what they respect and show adoration and loyalty to.

They had to think about the following:

What is one thing that is more important to you than
anything/anyone else?

Show this one thing clearly on the top layer of the spinner.

Show how this one thing is displayed in your life in
different ways on the bottom layer.

In Year 5, we are learning about the Egyptians! When the Egyptians mummified Pharaohs, they used Canopic  Jars to store organs. In Map le  class, we decided to create our own Canopic Jars! Here are some of ours!smiley

Canopic Jars!

Your Reporters!

We are the Maple class reporters! We will be reporting weekly about the exciting events happening in Maple class, such as fun days, special events and super subjects!smiley