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In PSHE this term, we have been looking at the puzzle piece 'Healthy Me'. We have been looking at different ways to keep our bodies healthy and different things that can have a negative impact on our bodies (for example, smoking and alcohol). Today we learnt how and why we might need to put someone into the recovery position. We had a go at practising this together:

Viking Jewellery Making

In Topic this term, we have been learning about The Vikings. This week, we recapped the importance of jewellery to the Vikings and had a go at designing and creating our own. We designed a brooch influenced by Viking jewellery. We first sketched out design and then used clay to create the shape. We had to use a variety of skills to create our design; carving, moulding and joining. Here are some pictures of our designs before they go into the kiln.

Religious Education

In R.E. we have been looking at the big question 'How has belief is Christianity/Islam impacted on music and art throughout history?'. This week we have been looking at the importance of art to the Islamic culture and religion. We discovered that Islamic art often includes the art of calligraphy and there are often some hidden names of Sultan's in the artwork. We completed a 'Silent Conversation' to express our appreciation of the artwork- all through writing. Below are some of our ideas. We then had a go at creating our own artwork inspired by the Islamic artwork.

Layer Marney Trip

Year 5 had a fantastic time at Layer Marney Tower where they learnt all about how The Vikings once lived and how their invasions of England influenced our lives today. The children learnt how to weave, do archery, make Viking Jewellery and even were lucky enough to hold some Viking battle armour and weapons! The children were all impeccably behaved and we were given lots of compliments on their attitude throughout the day.

Year 5 Panto Trip

Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the New Wolsey Theatre to see a rock and rock panto of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

The children represented Chase Lane is a manner in which all adults were proud of and they all got involved with any singing, dancing or clapping along to the show.

Mr Sanders received special treatment from the pantomime dame and was the star of the show; he was lucky enough to get two kisses from the dame and all of the children found it very entertaining.


The Jabberwocky

 In literacy, we have been learning about 'nonsense poems'. We have been reading 'The Jabberwock' by Lewis Carroll and discussing some of the features of a nonsense poem. We have been pulling apart and acting out the poem to help us get a better understanding of the story the poem tells. We have also had a go at creating our own portmanteau words- the children came up with some great words!

The Journey to the Afterlife

In Literacy, we have been learning about explanation texts. We have read an explanation text called ‘The Journey to the Afterlife’ which explains what the ancient Egyptians believed they needed to do for their loved ones once they died so that they can reach the afterlife safely. We split up into groups and we created a freeze frame for each paragraph of the text to help us understand the process they went through.