Year 4

Printing topic book covers


We have been very busy, designing and creating tile printings. We designed our polystyrene tiles based on Greek pottery designs. We used metallic paints to create a repeating pattern. We wanted to achieve printing which looked as if it were from Ancient Greek times. We will use our prints to cover our topic books.

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A visit from an Ancient Greek...


October 12th 2018 will be remembered as a very exciting day for Year Four! It was the day we had a visit from an ancient Greek! We learnt about games the ancient Greeks played, and mathematical puzzles they liked to solve. We completed a quiz all about life in ancient Greek times. We also learnt so much about how the Greeks fought their battles, and all about Alexander the Great: a fearless warrior who united the city states into one country. We finished the day with a mini Olympic Games. 

We learnt so much about Ancient Greece and are getting closer to being able to answer our research question: What did the Greeks do for us?

Year Four Autumn Term planning: What have the Ancient Greeks done for us?

Our Day out at Flatford Mill


On Thursday, 14th June, Year Four travelled to Flatford Mill to build a cob wall and create an installation of clay bug hotels. Way back in the autumn term, the company Cobnuts, came into school and worked with the children to create clay bug hotels. Yesterday, we had the opportunity to place them into a wall, built by us, to encourage wildlife into the garden. We also learnt about prey and predators and also enjoyed a beautiful country walk in Constable country. 

All the children enjoyed the first-hand experiences and loved learning outdoors. They gained new skills and knowledge and showed an excellent attitude to their learning.

Warner Bros Studios


On Friday, 4th May year four embarked on a school visit to where all eight of the Harry Potter films were made. We had an amazing time seeing all the props, costumes film sets and visual effects. We flew on broomsticks, travelled on the Hogwarts Express and saw how the sets were designed and built. It was an incredible day and one which we will never forget. Thank you to our helpers who looked after us all so well. 

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Summer Term 2018


Autumn 2017
Summer term 2017
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