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Land of the Free

This week, we took a flight to visit the Americas and explore everything that the two continents have to offer.

We can name some provinces in Canada; have started to locate the 50 states of USA and have begun to learn the names of some South America countries.

We also looked at what is lurking in the depths of a rainforest and enjoyed exploring the humid climate!

Later in the week, we looked at the art work of Frida Khalo and, as she loved monkeys so much, we created some using clay. These will be painted next week!

Goodbye Teigan!!

Goodbye Teigan!! 1

We were very sad to hear that Teigan will be moving to a new home and a new school out of the area. So today we created a little book for her to wish her good luck in her new adventures.

Your enthusiasm, caring nature and preparation for learning will definitely be missed!

The children are very excited to showcase all of the hard work they have put into the UKS2 production of "Cinderella Rockerfella" next week. There is a letter coming home tomorrow to explain exactly what the children need to wear and when they need to be at school on the Tuesday evening. We hope lots of you are able to come and see this fantastic performance!

On Tuesday 18th December, both Year 5 classes are having a Christmas party in the afternoon. Children are encouraged to bring in packaged party food (labelled so that ingredients can be clearly seen) and a change of clothes so that they are ready to party! They will, of course, need to be wearing their school uniforms in the morning as usual.


We hope the children have a fantastic last few days of term, after working so hard since September!

Science Madness!

Science Madness! 1
Science Madness! 2
Science Madness! 3
Science Madness! 4
Science Madness! 5
Science Madness! 6
Science Madness! 7
Science Madness! 8
Science Madness! 9

Th whole of year 5 got together for a Science afternoon where they tried their hands at 4 different experiments relating to states of matter: seeing which liquids affected a candy cane the most; creating their own ice cream by simply shaking; assessing the saturation of salt and sugar in warm water; and inflating a balloon using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. 

The children were very enthusiastic and enjoyed recording their results like real scientists. At the end of each experiment, they also needed to decide whether the experiment was a fair test and if not, what they could do if they repeated their experiment.

The school hall smells of vinegar and only 6 children happily made ice cream, but the afternoon was energetic and full of scientific focus!

Christmas is upon us...

Christmas is upon us... 1
Christmas is upon us... 2
Rehearsals are underway for our hilarious and exciting pantomime: Cinderella Rockerfella. We've been singing our hearts out and trying our best to learn all the words and actions. We can't wait for you all to come and join us!
On Friday, we were truly in the Christmas spirit with pantomime rehearsals, festive outfits and visits to Santa's grotto. We think there might be snow coming at the weekend too so we're very excited!!

Fundraising Week

I have been so impressed with the effort and focus that has gone into this week. That doesn't just include the running of the fundraising events this week, but also the determination and compassion that the children have shown in the run up to this event. The children were determined to raise enough money to sponsor a child and they completely smashed through that total and out-did their own expectations.

Thank you to all the children and parents who contributed to a fabulous total of £275.75 and a massive congratulations to the children for raising such a fantastic amount of money before Christmas. 

A fantastic involvement from all of the children on Children In Need, raising lots of money for charities all over the UK!

A fantastic involvement from all of the children on Children In Need, raising lots of money for charities all over the UK! 1 A great array of colours
A fantastic involvement from all of the children on Children In Need, raising lots of money for charities all over the UK! 2 ...but we just can't be too serious!

Filtering Water

A fantastic hands-on science lesson saw the children tackling the task of filtering very dirty and sandy water. They began to appreciate the difficulty that the children at the Brightlingsea Free School in Ghana face when collecting their water from the river.

The children either had a sieve, a filter paper or a sponge to filter their water and they compared their results afterwards. The children found that the sponge filtered the water so that it was clearest but it made a mess and took a long time. However, the filter paper was successful at keeping the process tidy but did not produce the cleanest water. The sieve was not successful and the children decided this was because the holes were too large and the sand could pass straight through.

Nerve-racking Pitches

For several weeks, the children have been working on an Apprentice/Dragon's Den style pitch to persuade Mrs O'Mara to choose their fundraising idea. The children worked as a team to generate an idea, discuss profit margins and consider their target audience. We had a fab range of ideas including: A crossbar challenge, a cake and cookie sale, a slime sale, a stationery and used book stall, a penalty shoot out and a set of discos. Mrs O'Mara became Alan Sugar for the afternoon and put the children to the test! She then had the agonising decision of choosing just 3 of the 6 groups to go through with their ideas.

She chose the cake and cookie sale, as she believed this group would make a generous profit; the Boys in Blue with the penalty shoot out competition, which she suggested would be popular; and, finally, the Old School Girls with their stationery and book stall. Although some of the children were disappointed not to be chosen, they accepted the decision graciously and are looking forward to seeing which team makes the largest profit!


(All of the profits from the events will go to the charity Porridge and Pens, which the year group have been working closely with during their Africa topic.)

Learning the South African national anthem

Still image for this video
The children have started to learn the South African national anthem this week. Some of the words are very tricky as they are in Afrikaans and are hard to decode. The first verse sounds great; I'm sure you'll agree!

Preparations for the Illuminate Festival

Sycamore and Maple class had a fabulous time creating some brilliant lanterns ready for the Illuminate Festival on 24th November. They created their own individual fish lanterns; helped to create a giant puppet lantern; and were even part of the creation of the Mayflower.

The children can carry their creations at the Illuminate Festival on Friday 24th November - starting at the pier (letters will be going out to parents/carers regarding this event).

Well done for representing your school so beautifully!

A fantastic return to school this week for all the children. It is lovely to see them so rested and prepared for their last half of the term.

We have lots of exciting ventures coming up in the run up to Christmas - including a Lantern festival, Parent Sharing Afternoon and the Christmas production. All of this, before we even get the chance to tell Father Christmas what's on our list this year!

I'm very much looking forward to a busy but enjoyable half term!

Mummifying Fruit On Pink Day!

Pink Day is a fantastic day in the Chase Lane calendar and today was no exception! All of the children looked fantastic and Lois won the prize for Best Dressed in Maple class!

We have been busy, these past few weeks, writing instructions on how to mummify a fruit. Today, the children took part in the mummification process by following either their own or their peers' hot write instructions. The class smelt amazing this afternoon throughout the process, but I'm not sure it will smell just as amazing when they have been left to "mummify" over half term!

Gumboot Dancing

Gumboot Dancing 1
Gumboot Dancing 2
Gumboot Dancing 3
Two fantastic Thursday afternoons have seen Year 5 getting really stuck in to their gumboot dancing. As part of their topic work, Maple and Sycamore have been practising the apartheid entertainment of gumboot dancing in their wellies and have been progressing brilliantly! They will be perfecting their routine up until December, when they will invite parents/carers in so they have an audience for their performance.

A visit from Jemma at Porridge and Pens

On Wednesday 11th October, Maple and Sycamore class were visited by the founder of the charity: Porridge and Pens. The charity has built a school in Ghana to provide an education and better start in life to children whose families are in great need. They also provide the school children with 2 meals every day and help them to receive medical aid.
The children have been coming up with some fantastic fundraising ideas for the charity so that they are able to sponsor a child in Ghana. The visit was a great opportunity for the children to really understand the lives of the children in Ghana; to appreciate what their fundraising money will go towards and to ask any questions about Ghana itself.

The most thought-provoking question the children were left to ponder was: What do you really want for Christmas? What does a child in Ghana really want for Christmas?

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Getting To Grips With Climbing

Getting To Grips With Climbing 1
Getting To Grips With Climbing 2
Getting To Grips With Climbing 3

The new climbing equipment in the main hall is really going down a treat with Maple class, who thoroughly enjoy their Friday morning P.E session with Mr Barrett. This week, the children have been learning about different grips in climbing and have been improving their agility by climbing along and through the frame. They have had to learn to adapt their grips to suit the type of frame they are on.

Sam can be seen demonstrating his grips to the class and, following this, the children each took it in turns to practise climbing the frame.

Welcome to "How To Mummify A Pharaoh"

Welcome to "How To Mummify A Pharaoh" 1
Welcome to "How To Mummify A Pharaoh" 2
Welcome to "How To Mummify A Pharaoh" 3
Welcome to "How To Mummify A Pharaoh" 4
Welcome to "How To Mummify A Pharaoh" 5
Welcome to "How To Mummify A Pharaoh" 6
Welcome to "How To Mummify A Pharaoh" 7

What a fun and exciting experience we had on Thursday, creating our own television show in which we had to show the audience the mummification process. We needed to be able to carefully follow the steps of the instructions so that we didn't get confused. We used the numbered steps and the time connectives to help us read these in the correct order.

Some of us were far too keen to become dead pharaohs and be mummified in front of the whole class!

Maple class become ADVENTURERS!

Maple class become ADVENTURERS! 1
Maple class become ADVENTURERS! 2
Maple class become ADVENTURERS! 3
Adventuring into the unknown regions of Africa, Maple class got their hands dirty discovering the hidden secrets of Ancient Egyptian life and were in awe of the cultural diversity of the African people. The children carried out an archaeological dig to discover jewels from Ancient Egyptian pharaohs; they tried on the garments of native African tribes; they searched through atlases and non-fiction books to find out a little more about the continent; and they had a go at writing their own hieroglyphics with papyrus paper.

The children are so excited about getting started with their topic work and there are a lot of plans in the pipeline for this term! They were touched by the story of the charity: Porridge and Pens and are looking forward to raising some very important funds to sponsor a child in Ghana.
By the end of the term, there will be lots for you to see and hear when the children invite you in for an afternoon of roaming our African museum.