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Re-enacting a mountain rescue


Ash Class have been busy planning and  re-enacting a mountain rescue! The scenario involved a mountain climber who had injured himself on the descent and was stranded with a suspected broken leg , on a mountain ridge! The children formed teams and planned how to save him.

Topic-Based Homework


We have been busy doing topic-based homework, linked to our learning about rivers and mountains.

Here are some of our efforts. We shall be making a wonderful display in our classroom!

Thank you to family and friends for getting involved and supporting the children in their endeavours.

You can pour sand, so does that make it a liquid?

We used this question as a starting point for our new Science topic, States of Matter’.


We are comparing materials and grouping according to whether they are solids, liquids or gases. We are observing how materials change state when they are heated or cooled.

What happens when ice-cream is left in the sun?

How are ice-cubes made?

We put some blue and yellow ice-cubes in a bowl and predicted how they would change over time. We observed that they started off solid and very cold. They also held their shape.


Here are some of our observations:

Ash Class Drama Day


Ash Class were lucky enough to have an amazing day of Drama, acting out the story of The Iron Man, by Ted Hughes. Everyone got involved, including the adults, and we discovered some astonishing acting talents and skills amongst the class.


In the photograph below we are making the sea and the high cliff from which the iron man falls…

Picture 1
Letter to Year 4 parents
Homework document