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Catching Dreams


In topic, Year 5 are currently learning about The Americas. Because of this, in art, we are learning about american inspired art and artists. In February we learnt about the artist Leonora Carrington, as well  as being an artist, she was also involved in making murals, textiles, costumes, poems and masks. We learnt that although she was born in Britain, she lived most of her life in Mexico, where she was very famous and popular.  Leonora is viewed as a Mexican artist because of this. Carrington painted dream-like images, using fantasy characters. Inspired by her dream like work, our class made dream catchers.



This year Sycamore have worked so hard in Maths and have explored loads of different problems, ideas and challenges. This term we've been tackling fractions; ordering, comparing and now we are adding them. Our class have learnt this year the importance of talking about and explaining maths, here are some pictures of the children working together to solve problems (Yes we are writing on tables - we needed room to explain it). 

Chase Lane Dragons Den


In Science last term Sycamore class were learning about forces. As part of their learning they were challenged to pair up and design a mechanism that uses pushes, pulls, levers and cogs. Once they had carefully designed their mechanism they were asked to prepare a pitch to present to the dragons. Just like the TV show the children presented their mechanisms to the dragons, who were suitably stern. All of the dragons were incredibly impressed with the children's knowledge and ideas. See below for some pictures of the mechanisms:

Science experiment for air resistance and gravity 'Lego Drop'

In our class we are learning about forces, so we decided to carry out a Science Experiment called 'Lego Drop' to help us learn about Air Resistance and Gravity. The idea of Lego Drop was to drop Lego figures from the top of the adventure playground and see how long they took to fall. To stop them falling too quickly we made parachutes. We worked in partners. We had to make our own parachutes out of any material of our choosing. We discussed what we could change for our experiment because it is all about a fair test. 


We got to choose what we could change, we could have changed:


  • length of string 
  • where you put the string on the Lego man
  • shape of parachute 
  • material of parachute 
But you could only change one thing and all the others you couldn't.
Once we planned the experiment we then created three parachutes. We had templates to draw around most of our class chose to change the material.after we had created them we had to put them in our trays waiting for drop day.
On the day Mrs Tucker and Mr Baxter stood on the adventure playground's highest point by the slide and dropped  the parachutes  one at a time. Whilst they were doing that we had to time how long it took for our Lego figures to drop and record them in our science books. When the parachutes dropped they spiraled down whereas without one the Lego figure just plonked. 
Then once we had finished we were asked to look at our science books and tell Mr Baxter what the best parachute was and the worst parachute. The whole class loved it! We found that the lighter the material the more surface area we had and therefore the more Air Resistance. One material was the best and that was... the tissue paper! '
Jessica and Cheyanne Year 5 
'Mummifying' A literacy instructional unit

In Literacy we are learning about instructions, our instructional text is 'How to Mummify an Egyptian Slave'. To show us how these instructions work Mr Baxter decided he was going to link our topic to Literacy so he brought in a skeleton with fake heart, lungs, liver, intestines and a brain made of play dough. He also brought in Canopic jars but they were actually mugs from the staff room. He even had a temple background on the board to make it feel like we were actually in a temple. It was hilarious for some but disgusting for other. My favourite part was when Mr Baxter was pretending there was blood everywhere, my least favourite part was when Mr Baxter put the hook into the mouth and pulled out the brain. Uncle Bill is still mummified at the back of the room.


 Scarlet Year 5