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Pink Day!


Sycamore class made a real effort for this year's Pink Day!

Thank you to all that donated.

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In Literacy, we are looking at information texts. Our WAGOLL (What a Good One Looks Like) is an information text on Ancient Greece.

To include some drama into this lesson, Miss Thurston gave each group a story about a Greek god, goddess or villain. We had to act out the story and choose a freeze frame to show the message of the story. We think we did pretty well.

Can you walk like an Egyptian?

Our topic for autumn term is Egyptians:

Can we walk like an Egyptian? Only time will tell. For now though, we enjoyed looking at some artefacts linking to the Egyptians and discussing the impact it had on their lives, why it may have been important to them and how it may have been used. In particular, we loved trying on the Egyptian clothing! 

2017 - 2018

07.03.2018 - Science. Continuing our space topic in science, the children in Sycamore class were conducting an experiment to find out how creators were made on the surface of the moon. The children worked in groups and tested different size 'meteors' from different heights and different forces. The children's experiments needed to be fair and ensure that only one variable changed each time. These tests were repeated a number of times and an average taken to collect accurate results. Some of the results and therefore conclusions were surprising and not what had been predicted. Ask your children about the experiment to see what they found out. 

07.03.2018 - Creating Creators

07.03.2018 - Creating Creators  1
07.03.2018 - Creating Creators  2
07.03.2018 - Creating Creators  3
07.03.2018 - Creating Creators  4
07.03.2018 - Creating Creators  5
07.03.2018 - Creating Creators  6
09.02.2018 - Riley says 'When Jake and I were doing a partner handstand, I was shaking and sweating'

PE - 09.02.2018

PE - 09.02.2018 1
PE - 09.02.2018 2


This week, Maple and Sycamore classes joined up to discover the life and art of Leonara Carrington. Often, Leonara's images are described as dreamy and therefore both classes made dream catchers inspired by Leonara and Native American traditions.

Dream Catchers

Dream Catchers 1
Dream Catchers 2
Dream Catchers 3
Dream Catchers 4
Dream Catchers 5
Dream Catchers 6

The Rain Forest Came Alive!

The Rain Forest Came Alive! 1 Barry the Cockroach
The Rain Forest Came Alive! 2 Gary the Millipede
The Rain Forest Came Alive! 3 Darwin the Bearded Dragon
The Rain Forest Came Alive! 4 Darwin the Bearded Dragon
The Rain Forest Came Alive! 5 Ziggy the Corn snake
The Rain Forest Came Alive! 6 Ziggy the Corn snake

12.01.2018 - Clay monkeys - inspired by the artwork of Freida Khalo

11.01.2018 -  THE AMERICAS. This term the year 5 topic is the continents of north, middle and south America. We flew all the way from Harwich to Brazil and ended up in the Amazon Rain-forest. The children discovered many different living things (plants and animals) in the dark, hot and noisy rain forest. They found out about the 4 layers of a rain forest and were noting their discoveries of creatures and climate. 

11.01.2018 The Amazon Rain-Forest

11.01.2018 The Amazon Rain-Forest 1
11.01.2018 The Amazon Rain-Forest 2
11.01.2018 The Amazon Rain-Forest 3
11.01.2018 The Amazon Rain-Forest 4

15.12.17 - The whole of year 5 got together for a Science afternoon where they tried their hands at 4 different experiments relating to states of matter: seeing which liquids affected a candy cane the most; creating their own ice cream by simply shaking; assessing the saturation of salt and sugar in warm water; and inflating a balloon using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. 

The children were very enthusiastic and enjoyed recording their results like real scientists. At the end of each experiment, they also needed to decide whether the experiment was a fair test and if not, what they could do if they repeated their experiment.

The school hall smells of vinegar and only 6 children happily made ice cream, but the afternoon was energetic and full of scientific focus!

14.12.17 - Science Madness!

14.12.17 - Science Madness! 1
14.12.17 - Science Madness! 2
14.12.17 - Science Madness! 3
14.12.17 - Science Madness! 4
14.12.17 - Science Madness! 5
1.12.17 - Last week, Maple class and Sycamore class carried out a variety of fund raising events, ranging from a cake sale to a penalty shoot out! Both of the year 5 classes worked very hard and raised an amazing £275 for a school in Ghana. Well done year 5!

Charity Week - 27.11.17 - 1.12.17

Charity Week - 27.11.17 - 1.12.17 1
Charity Week - 27.11.17 - 1.12.17 2
Charity Week - 27.11.17 - 1.12.17 3
Charity Week - 27.11.17 - 1.12.17 4
Charity Week - 27.11.17 - 1.12.17 5
Charity Week - 27.11.17 - 1.12.17 6
Charity Week - 27.11.17 - 1.12.17 7

AMAZING AFRICA! Year 5 sharing afternoon. 1.12.17

Children in need - Non uniform day. 17.11.2017

Children in need - Non uniform day. 17.11.2017 1
23.11.17 - This week, Sycamore class have been learning the story of Moses. Moses lead the Isralites out of Egypt and freed them from the slavery of the evil Pharaoh. We acted out the story and were looking at the ten plagues of Egypt. Sycamore discussed Judaism, comparing it with other religions, and compared the ten commandments with the laws of British culture today.

The Moses Story

The Moses Story 1
The Moses Story 2
The Moses Story 3
The Moses Story 4
The Moses Story 5

Sycamore and Maple class had a fabulous time creating some brilliant lanterns ready for the Illuminate Festival on 24th November. They created their own individual fish lanterns; helped to create a giant puppet lantern; and were even part of the creation of the Mayflower.

The children can carry their creations at the Illuminate Festival on Friday 24th November - starting at the pier (letters will be going out to parents/carers regarding this event).

Well done for representing your school so beautifully!

Sycamore class are experimenting with different materials this half term.  We had dirty and sandy water and had to decide which material best filtered the water to make it clean again. We made predictions, based on our prior knowledge, and wrote about the things we would change if we were to do the experiment again. Ass your children about the results of the experiment!

Changes of State

Changes of State 1
Changes of State 2
Changes of State 3
Changes of State 4
Changes of State 5
This week Sycamore class have been following out written instructions by mummifying a tomato. We covered the tomatoes in a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and salt, and then wrapped them in bandages (kitchen roll). We will check back in a few weeks to see if the mummification process has worked and the tomatoes have been preserved. 

Mummifying a Tomato

Mummifying a Tomato 1
Mummifying a Tomato 2
Mummifying a Tomato 3
Mummifying a Tomato 4
Mummifying a Tomato 5
Mummifying a Tomato 6
Mummifying a Tomato 7
Mummifying a Tomato 8
Mummifying a Tomato 9
Continuing with the Africa topic, this week Sycamore class have teamed up with Maple class and have been learning a traditional African dance. Gumboot dancing originated in south Africa in the 1950s when miners were not allowed to communicate while working. In often pitch black conditions, the miners would communicate using the slapping of their boots to create patterns.  Both of the year five classes have enjoyed slapping and stomping and are beginning to learn a routine. 

Gumboot Dancing

Gumboot Dancing 1
Gumboot Dancing 2
Gumboot Dancing 3
Our topic this term is Africa, including Ancient Egypt. We are learning how to structure and write a good set of instructions, and have started by following instructions on 'how to mummify.'

We needed to be able to carefully follow the steps of the instructions so that we didn't get confused. We used the numbered steps and the time connectives to help us read these in the correct order.

Some of us were far too keen to become dead pharaohs and be mummified in front of the whole class!

How to Mummify a Pharaoh

How to Mummify a Pharaoh  1
How to Mummify a Pharaoh  2
How to Mummify a Pharaoh  3
Adventuring into the unknown regions of Africa, Sycamore class got their hands dirty discovering the hidden secrets of Ancient Egyptian life and were in awe of the cultural diversity of the African people. The children carried out an archaeological dig to discover jewels from Ancient Egyptian pharaohs; they tried on the garments of native African tribes; they searched through atlases and non-fiction books to find out a little more about the continent; and they had a go at writing their own hieroglyphics with papyrus paper.

The children are so excited about getting started with their topic work and there are a lot of plans in the pipeline for this term! They were touched by the story of the charity: Porridge and Pens and are looking forward to raising some very important funds to sponsor a child in Ghana.
By the end of the term, there will be lots for you to see and hear when the children invite you in for an afternoon of roaming our African museum.

Discovering Africa

Discovering Africa 1
Discovering Africa 2
Discovering Africa 3

10.10.2017 - Brian - The class Hamster!

10.10.2017 - Brian -  The class Hamster! 1