Languages at Chase Lane

French is taught across the school. You can read about why  a little further down this page.

We are members of the ALL (Association for Language Learning) and are participating in the Language Futures project, more details can be found in our clubs section or by clicking the link here! 


Chase Lane becomes a Bronze Linguamarque accredited school.


Our school language project for last year (2017-18) was to become a Bronze Linguamarque accredited school. We are delighted to announce that following the accreditation process in June 2018, our school has received the Bronze Linguamarque Award.


The school language project for this year is to become a Linguamarque Silver accredited school. You                                                         can read about Linguamarque and why we are proud of our accreditation at:



                                                   Please look at the rest of this page to see what your children are doing in languages.



La danse des Pingouins - France

Artist: Schiffie & Co Licence: BIP Records Animation: Animator: Ruud Zeelenberg

Year 1 and 2 have been following instructions in French! Why don't you try it and dance like a penguin? Follow the instructions given in  the video above en français of course.


Newbury Park Primary School


Children at Newbury Park Primary School speak lots of different languages. Their web site introduces you to a language of the month. Listen to children speaking in their native languages.  


Click the link below to visit their website and explore a new language for yourself today! Could you do this yourself in French? Have a go and come and show Mme Sage.


European Day of Languages


This year's European Day of Languages was on the 26th September.  In assembly, we brought together music and languages and learned a Swedish song about frogs called 'Små grodorna' to celebrate this day. Watch the Youtube video below to sing along.


Barnsånger på svenska | Små grodorna​ + 20 min

00:05 Små grodorna​ 01:34


Je suis une pizza, Charlotte Diamond

Year 3 read french pizza menus and pretended to order pizza in French. They then designed a pizza in French and made it and ate it. They also learned a French song about pizzas to help learn the words and phrases. Please visit: This song is from the CD "Qu'il y ait toujours le soleil" and is used with permission.

Picture 1