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Chase Lane are Year 5/6 Harwich and Dovercourt Cross Country Champs
Chase Lane were this month crowned Year 5/6 Harwich and Dovercourt Cross Country Champions. The team of Becca, Beth, Taylor, Katelyn, Coulton, Ellis, Josh and Ross competed superbly, showing great sportsmanship and commitment. The team spirit in the group was very strong and each and everyone of them represented the school brilliantly. As a school we now look to the next Level 2 Cross Country tournament for the Tendring area.

Reception's visit to Jimmy's Farm

This week, our Reception classes paid a visit to Jimmy's Farm, just outside Ipswich. Some had never been to a farm before, so loved the opportunity to get up close with the animals. The piglets were a firm favourite, especially as the children got to give them their lunch. After the animals, the children built some fantastic dens in the forest and even had time for a play on the bouncy pillow.

Children's University - Class of 2017

Children's University - Class of 2017 1
Children's University - Class of 2017 2

A huge congratulations to the children who received a Children's University award for taking part in over 30 hours of out-of-school activities. Five children were able to attend the graduation ceremony at the University of Essex.

If you have a Passport to Learning, keep collecting those hours and you could be a part of the Class of 2017.

Gifted and talented gymnastics event.

For the next three Thursday's, three of our children are representing Chase Lane at a gymnastics event being held at St. Joseph's school in Harwich. In the first week we had to do forward rolls, cartwheels, one-handed cartwheels and shoulder stands; once we were good at one of them we could move on to the next. Across the weeks we will be building up to the last week when we will be having a competition. We have got to make our own routine up using the moves the we have been shown.

All three of the children attend gymnastics clubs outside of school so this will be a good opportunity for them to show off their skills.

By Megan L - Year 3

Science Museum Trip April 2016

On Thursday 21st April we went to the Science Museum in London. It was a long coach ride but we made it in one piece.

When we finally got there, we split into our groups and set off to explore. We saw lots of interesting things including a life size model of the spaceship that Neil Armstrong landed on the moon in. We also got to watch a show called 'Flash, Bang, Wallop', which was all about explosions. It was really loud!

By Ruby B and Olivia B


Tuesday afternoon, Poplar were incredibly busy getting ready for our Rocket Science seeds. Some of them have been into space and some haven't. We had to make labels out of milk bottles and put compost into the seed trays. We had to be really careful to put in just the right amount. Then we wrote numbers on the labels and stuck them in the compost. There will be 100 seeds in a red packet and 100 seeds in a blue packet. We will not know which ones have been into space.

We will update our blog, when the seeds arrive.

By Megan G and Beau C.