Today the year 6 children enjoyed den building. They were given a selection of different materials and had to work as a team to build a den that would withstand a storm. The children had to work as a team and think about the best structure for building their den. All teams persevered and created their own dens. Thank you to Chris, who travelled a long way to give us this wonderful and exciting day!

We all had a wonderful time at Aladdin in the West End. Here is a photo before the show.

We all had a wonderful time at Aladdin in the West End. Here is a photo before the show. 1

We come from a land Down Under!

On the 16th of January, Year 6 had an extremely unique visitor....

Spot the leopard gecko. Thank you to Phoenix and his mum who kindly brought her in. The children thought of some key questions that they could ask to find out more about Spot. We learned about her native habitat compared to her home here in England; the food she enjoys eating. Some of these include live crickets covered in calcium powder. The children also learned about what her diet would be in the wild. The children really enjoyed meeting Spot so I can imagine there will be lots of chat about geckos at home!

Ration Cookies


In our topic, we have been learning about WWII and rationing. To test what it would be like in war time, we decided to bake carrot cookies to see what it would have been like to bake with limited ingredients. For this, we only used a carrot, some sugar, some flour, butter, water and a splash of vanilla extract.

We all worked as a team and had a really fun morning.


We have learnt a lot from today. Our top tips:

  • Always wash your hands before baking.
  • Be careful when using the graters or peelers.
  • Do not put too much carrot in.
  • Do not use your hands as spoons.
  • Always have an adult to help you with the cooking part.