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Homework Is Out Of This World!
The year 5 children of Juniper and Sycamore class created some FANTASTIC space models over the Easter holidays that myself and Mr Baxter were astounded. We allowed the children some time on Wednesday morning to share their models amongst their peers in the main hall, but we were shortly visited by many other children and staff from around the school who were also impressed with the models.
Natural Energy in Juniper Class
The children had great fun in the last week of term creating solar ovens to cook marshmallows. They lined cardboard boxes with foil, created a seal of cling film and slipped their marshmallows into the oven. A sunny but breezy day allowed the marshmallows to heat up and create a crispy edging. The children were very enthusiastic about their scientific experiment but I think the eating was their favourite part!

Mandala Art


When Juniper class were faced with the focused and detailed task of recreating some Indian Mandala art, they seemed overwhelmed and nervous. But there was no need to be! The whole afternoon on Friday was spent re-creating the tiny, colourful dots that make up Mandala's dotillism work. The children are very excited to be continuing this process next Friday when they recreate their work on to stones.

Criminal Investigation in Progress!

The children had a fantastic time delving into the newspaper report, "Unforgettable" which sees the town of Tuesday baffled by flying frogs. When the children entered the classroom on Tuesday 7th March, they discovered that the classroom was covered in lily pads and they were to become investigators for the morning. They read through witness statements, they observed the evidence and they took notes from an interview with a key suspect; all to eventually form their final verdict on the crime that had occurred. The ideas were flowing and their imaginations were working beautifully. The children created great amounts of work to a high quality and this helped to inform their innovations for their final hot write. A very exciting but focused morning!

Class Dojo
Juniper class have been using the Class Dojo point system in their classroom since September, but have really enjoyed using it this week to encourage positive learning behaviours. The children are able to gain points for positive behaviours that they demonstrate and these total up to Dojo Pounds, which they can spend in the shop at the end of the week. A popular purchase is an edible prize or a brand new highlighter!
The children can also lose their points if they are off task or are not demonstrating the behaviours that are expected of them. These are then deducted from their Dojo balance.

Access codes were sent out to all parents and children this week to log on to individual Dojo profiles at home. If a code hasn't come home to you yet, please get your child to ask for another code to take home with them.

Alongside the new whole-school blue token system, the children in Juniper class are positively thriving and are constantly adapting their behaviours to make sure they are being the best that they can be. I have been really pleased with their attitude to learning over the last 2 weeks and I hope the positivity continues after the half-term break!

Juniper's Americas Art Attack


With a new time, we have started a new topic titled: The Americas. This means we have had the atlases out and have been identifying countries in Northern, Central and Southern America. 
As part of our art work, we have met the interesting Frida Kahlo and have analysed some of her work. We noticed that a lot of her work features monkeys and so we made these monkeys out of clay. We found it tricky to form some of the smaller features but we got there with a bit of perseverance and we're really pleased with the result!

Pink Day
What a fantastic end to the first half term! Pink day was vibrant, bold and a great success. The children thoroughly enjoyed showing off their outfits and were in positive spirits all day. A brilliant effort all round!
Woodland School

Some of the children in Juniper class got the opportunity to venture into the woodland school on the first day back after half term to build hedgehog homes. The children gathered natural materials such as leaves, twigs, branches and dried moss to create homes in which hedgehogs could burrow in during the cold months.

They are a work in progress but I'm sure you can agree that they will be fantastic!
We are hoping to visit the woodland school more regularly to take full advantage of the outside environment and to enjoy some exploration learning.

Singapore Maths
Juniper class have really sunk their teeth into the new Singapore Maths which has required them to get their thinking caps on and work in groups to solve maths problems.
The children have been working on finding a variety of methods to solve problems and have really enjoyed celebrating their successes with the rest of the class.