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Trip to Braintree Museum


Year 3s went to Braintree Museum on the 8th March to have a day investigating the Stone Age. The children looked at artefacts found in the past and had to guess whether they were from the paleolithic, mesolithic or neolithic periods. After they had a good look they 'flint-knapped' their own tools from clay.


The children then explored archaeology and did their own mini-dig to find a variety of artefacts.


In the afternoon the children used natural resources (berries, clay, herbs/spices, charcoal) to create a cave painting, with the materials similar to those used up to 7 million years ago.


It was a very successful day and all the children returned happy and excited to learn more about the Stone Age.

Spring term


So far this term…

The children have been lucky enough to have a theatre company come in and hold a ‘Play in a day’. Our focus text in literacy has been Rumpelstiltskin.


On Thursday 12th January the children played games and activities with this company which enabled them to create their own performance. The children were split into 4 groups and were given sections of the text. Within these sections the children were told to create 3 tableaux identifying the main points.


After lunch the children animated their freeze frames to become moving scenes by creating dialogue and movement to really explore their section of text.

Last term


Last term in Elm Class we were looking at weathers of the world. We looked at different weather types in the UK and after we had done this the children chose a country of their choice and created a weather forecast. Their focus was to look at an introduction, present the overall weather, run through specific towns and cities and finally to predict what will happen the next day.


We had some special visitors come to school and visit us last term…REINDEERS!